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    CEC can evaluate a methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, petrochemical production or a SAGD project at an early stage
    and make recommendations:

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  • Bullet Definition of the Corporate Strategy in Implementation of the Project

    Bullet Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions

    Optimization Studies

    Bullet Development of Concept and Project Scope Definition

    Bullet Assistance in Debt Financing Sources

    Assessment of the Licensing Requirements, Permits, Codes and Standards

    Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Definition of the Project

    Feedstock (and/or Diluent) Availability, Terms and Conditions, Impact on the Economics

    Infrastructure Considerations and Site Selection

    Project and Product Logistics

    Marketing Studies to Identify End Uses and Potential Clients

    Evaluation and Selection of Process Technologies and Control Schemes

    Capital Cost Reduction Features and Justification

    Third Party Due Diligence for a Project or in the Plant Acquisitions

  • CEC combining the project knowledge with engineering skills is uniquely qualified in the decision making and by involvement
    in the details of the project at the onset to ensure all the directions comply with the overall project economic criteria.
    This enables high energy efficiency plant design, lowering capital costs, timely and on-budget completion of the project.

    As an example of a sensitivity analysis, a comparison between MTO (Methanol-to-Olefins, mainly ethylene)
    and ETO (Ethane-to-Ethylene) routes was provided in the attached Figure 1/A

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