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With approximately 30 MM MTPA demand volume, merchant methanol markets create many intermediates as a stepping
stone to many finished products:

Methanol and Methanol Derivatives

Methanol is an essential part of our comfortable every day living. From morning to dawn, methanol has enabled you silently to function during your
daily activities. You can find methanol in the silicone of your shampoo to the plastic water bottle you purchased at the convenience store.
You can also find methanol in many of the components of the car you drove to work and possibly the fuel you used in your car.
It is also present in the fleece jacket you put on to keep you warm and the pharmaceuticals you took to help you fight off your cold.

The fact is, you are surrounded by products that contain methanol, even though you might not have even known it!

Methanol helps support our everyday lifestyles, enriching the quality of the goods and services we have grown to expect for many years.

Learn and be aware of its new uses!


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